Serve With Us

There are three main ways to serve with Young Life.  They are becoming a Young Life Leader, Serving on the Young Life Committee or Joining an Adult Support Team.


Young Life Leaders get to know, invest in and come along side teenagers.  We go to where kids are and earn the right to share the good news of Jesus.  We have 30 volunteer leaders spending literally hours each week hanging out with kids, running Young Life Club and Campaigners at 7 different schools.  They are teachers, college students, moms, business owners, young professionals, and more.

Check out some of their stories on our People Who Serve Page.  You can see a brief sample of their thoughts in the video below.



If you love Jesus and have a heart for kids we’d love to have you join us.



 The Young Life Committee are sort of the local owners of Young Life.  They actively support the work of Young Life in the local area through fundraising, being a representative to the community and encouraging the staff and leaders.  They protect the integrity of the ministry, ensure fiscal responsibility, and pray for the spiritual strength of the leadership.

To see the official Young Life Committee Handbook here.



One of the most simple ways to serve with us is to be a part of a Young Life Booster Club. These are groups of adults that help support the ministry behind the scenes at a particular school.  They do this in partnership with the Team Leader of that school and help set the stage so that leaders are more free to concentrate on doing the kid work.

To get a better picture of what our Booster Clubs do, click here and contact us if you’d like to know more.

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