Young Life Camp Is Around The Corner!


Camp is an extravagant resort in the middle of God’s extravagant creation to proclaim to kids God’s extravagant love for us in Jesus Christ.

Kids get to have the best week of their lives, and we, as leaders, get to run alongside them as they encounter Jesus head-on.  Kids sit around the dinner table like a family, build trust and take leaps of faith on ropes courses, joyfully get served by their peers who have been transformed by the gospel, laugh and sing loudly with their friends… all in the hopes that they have a meaningful confrontation with Jesus.  Leader-centered camping sets volunteers up to help kids process the gospel in a safe, fun environment.

We are SO excited for the 100+ kids that board the bus on July 25th.  Leaders have been working hard to coral their friends, kids have been working hard to fundraise for Camp, and adults in the community have been SO generous to support those who cannot support themselves.  As we approach the “best week of your life” please be praying that kids encounter God’s extravagant love!

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