One of the things about working with teenagers is that we get to watch them come in as a freshmen and walk out a senior. While in a way it’s a short time, it is also an incredibly important and sometimes volatile time. Kids start asking, in a conscious way, “Do I matter?” “What am I about?” “Am I loved?” “What difference does it make?”

Carl Jung said, “The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t have an answer, the world will tell you.”

We want kids to get that answer from God, not the world. That is why we go to them to both show and tell them that they are loved.  Not only that, but to let them know that Jesus has answered the question.

There are kids who will walk across the stage this month with those questions answered by Him because Young Life leaders showed up.

But there are thousands more who will walk across the stage who have never had a Christian adult share with them the story.  They’ll enter the next phase of life not having heard. If that bothers you – join us.  We won’t stop going.

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