Food for Thought

Have you ever thought about why God created food?  I mean, he could have just made sunlight our source of energy…or water.  God specifically chose food to be our fuel.  Nothing is accidental for our sovereign Lord.  So, this begs the question: why?

There are 3 simple reasons I’ve come up with:

  1. God is beautiful, full of life, and rich in every way and food is just a reflection of His colorful and rich character.
  2. God has graciously and carefully chosen something for us to take pleasure in – three times a day!  That’s three prayers; three times to be thankful, praiseworthy, and delight in a Lord that delights in meeting EVERY ONE of our needs.
  3. When we eat, we gather around a table, around a box, and in the homes of friends.  God meets us in these times and craves for us to be in community with each other…whether around a book or around a big plate of pad thai.

So much of what we do in Young Life is centered around food.  We have food with our teams before Club, late night ice cream runs with kids, before-school breakfast Bible studies with Campaigners, and early-morning donut deliveries (pictured above).  These instances and the shared experiences we have with our high school friends allows us to point to the above 3 traits:  God is beautiful, God graciously meets our needs, and God calls us to community.

Thanks for helping us gather with kids and tell them about a God that calls them to life to the full.