Jesus Came To Us – We Go To Them

photo-5 copyOne the of the hallmarks of Young Life is what we call Contact Work.  This is the idea that we go to where kids are.  We don’t typically build buildings or count on events to build relationships with kids.  Instead we go where they are, be it the game, after school, at work, or the coffee shop.

We do this for two main reasons.  We do it because it’s effective.  When we build relationships with kids they are more likely to take what we say seriously.  Besides the truth is, that we want to be there when it counts, and you never know when that will be.  So it’s better just to be there to begin with.

But perhaps the main reason we do it is that we believe it demonstrates Jesus to kids.  Most religions are about us getting to God.  Christianity, at it’s core, is about God coming to us.  Jesus didn’t stay in His comfort zone.  He left that to come after us.  We want kids to see us do that for them.  We want them to know that they are worth coming after, worth spending time with, worth showing up for.  We think they’re worth it, and so does Jesus.

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