Leaders Wanted

Young Life Leaders are people who step into the lives of high school kids’ lives.  They go where kids are and earn the right to be heard.  They become friends, counselors, trusted confidants, teachers, and mentors to kids.  They get the chance to be on the front line, in a missional community that not only affects the right now in kids’ lives but what those kids will do in the future.  Not only that, but the leaders themselves are changed as well.

We are looking for quality people who love Jesus and love kids that might want to know more.  If that’s you, or you know someone who you think might be interested, check out some of our current leaders here.  Hear real stories from people just like you that are leading kids towards Jesus.



Club Starts Now

As we enter the fall, it’s a whole new school year for high school students.  One class has moved on to college and a whole new group of freshmen have joined the ranks.  Many kids come back to school different than they were even three months ago.  Summer experiences and entering a new year can affect all sorts of things.  One constant thing that’s still there at 7 schools in St. Louis County is Young Life.  Leaders are making their way to games and other events and out to coffee with kids.  And over the month of September all 7 schools will start their weekly club.  The Best Hour of the Week where kids can be kids, laugh, feel loved and hear about Jesus.  There will be new kids and kids that are at a new place.  This months literally hundreds of kids will check out Young Life.  We’ll be ready.

Below Parkway West kids pile into the basement last week for Young Life Club