Concerts, Graduations, and Grad Parties

Over the next few weeks Young Life Leaders will find themselves all sorts of places.  They will be at spring choir and band concerts (like the Singer’s Choice concert at West pictured below).  They will be at graduation ceremonies and grad parties visiting seniors and their families as they share with kids in the celebration.  Even though the semester comes to an end and club is over for the year, Leaders are still hanging out and being wherever kids are.



In almost any picture you see of Young Life kids there are smiles.  At each club every week there is laughter.  Why?  There are lots of reasons including that laughter brings us together and breaks down walls.  But the main reason is that we want kids to know that Jesus is offering life to the full, and life to the full necessitates joy. When kids think of YL they think of joy because we know that when they think of YL they will think of Jesus.  Joy is one of the first things stolen from our lives.  We want kids to know that Jesus wants to give it back.